I got a wild hair this morning.  I had actually spied a mantle like this on Pinterest.  This idea had been bubbling in the back of my mind.  I wanted to happen upon another mirror like this and not rob my dresser.  Too late.  I haven’t found one yet and our dresser is minus a mirror.  Chalk it up to several rainy days and not much sunshine.  The flip side to this is…I have lots to do…beside piddle around the house.  Maybe I can create a fun balance with that today.


So…this is a little backwards, but how was everyone’s Columbus Day?  Ours was a good, lazy, day.  We all need those sometimes.  A bit of time to refuel.  I have been trying to deal with a little hay fever or something, so downtime was needed.  Now I’m trying to get back in the groove.  Laundry doesn’t care about hay fever.  So rude. 😉


I hope that you have a lovely day, Dirt Roaders.  I am going to sweet talk the Mr. tonight and see if he will help me hang the mirror on the wall.  Maybe more about that tomorrow and some “professional” shots…instead of iPhone only.

Love from the Farmhouse,