Hello! Happy Wednesday! I have some craziness going on here at home today…so a little phone blogging for you…it is.

Yesterday, I purchased our first real pumpkin of the season. They are the sweetest part for me. I dug way down and found the wartiest one. I knew that the kids would approve. I’m sure that I was quite a sight, bottoms up, digging in that box at ALDI. Hey…for a tad over two bucks…who could blame me? (You can’t take me anywhere.) My MIL was doing her fair share of digging too. She came up for air with an adorably fat pumkin. It was fun. It doesn’t take much for us. Simple pleasures.

When we got home, our little son and I took it to the front porch. We sat it a couple of different places and then he suggested the pew. I think that our warty pumpkin looks right at home there. Kinda like us on the church pew. We are loved and adored by the Master…warts and all. He doesn’t mind our imperfect state…because He can see past the warts…to all the good stuff inside of us. Sometimes, when I catch a glimpse of the love of the Master…I could fall on my knees and weep. That beauty for ashes stuff…is near and dear to my heart.

I hope that you buy a pumpkin and enjoy it, Dirt Roaders!





Love from the Farmhouse,