Almost a couple of Sundays ago, our pastor preached an amazing message.  During his message he shared with us the story of a family member that has passed away, and the impact that he had made in his community.  When we all bowed our heads for a moment, while he gave the altar call…an image skittered across my mind’s eye.  It was as though I was looking down at a tiller…cultivating the dirt right in front of me.  In a flash…it was there and then gone.  It told my husband about it later…and the way that I felt that it tied in with our pastor’s sermon.  Then…in that next week of revival…one night our speaker came across a story about his dad…tilling.  His dad had to sit down and rest occasionally…but he just kept on tilling.  I love it when God does that.


This morning while I was cleaning up my desk…I found this quote:

“Keep your eyes on Jesus and when you do, He will cultivate an atmosphere in your life that is filled with much delight and great joy.”

Sadly…I’m not sure where I got that…but I love it.

  1. 1.
    prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening.
    synonyms: till, plow, dig, hoe, farm, work, fertilize, mulch, weed

    “the peasants cultivated the land”

The thing that dropped into my heart that Sunday was the fact that, if we as believers tend to the ground before us and directly around us…we will be fulfilling our purpose.  God will set opportunities in our row…and we will do His work.  I am not saying that we don’t step out in faith at times…or that we always stay in the same garden.  I am just saying that wherever God has us at the moment…is ripe for cultivation.  Our pastor’s cousin was a huge blessing in his “garden.”  You know what?  I would bet my eye teeth (pardon my Southern Missouri speak) that his cousin even got tired.  Maybe at times, when he got to the end of a row…he had to sit down and take a break.  Maybe he had to wipe the sweat from his brow, get a drink, and then get back up to start a new row.  Whatever the case, his life was spent in cultivation.


Isn’t it amazing when we surrender to God and let Him cultivate or till the walls of our hearts?  There have been times in the last few months, that the only way that my bruised and battered heart could survive, was keeping my eyes locked with the Master.  When we do that, the stress of this life fades into the background.  We start to notice the beauty in life, instead of the pain.  Jesus cultivates an atmosphere in our lives filled with much delight and great joy.  Although…I wish that the events of ten months ago had never happened, I would never wish my dad back from the streets of Glory.  Also, I would never want to throw away what I have learned.  You see, I have been a student, and my Teacher…has been ever so patient with me.  He is teaching me about joy, good choices, compassion, and real life.  He is tilling, ever so gently, and I stand in awe of Him.


Hoping for beautiful and healthy turnips!