Pumpkins are my favorite.  Are they yours?  They are so fun to decorate with.  You just plop them out somewhere and you are done.  They are just so cheery in their plumpness.  They don’t even care that they are round.  I like people pumpkins like that. Today I am going to share with you guys, the newest little pumpkin addition to our collection.  My Mr. spotted it the other day while we were junking a little.  I’m so glad that he did.  It is a fitting addition to our farmhouse this year.  If there ever was a manly pumpkin…I would say that this is the one.  😉  Just goes to prove that there is a pumpkin for everyone.


Isn’t it sweet?  It’s made from a post and a small branch.  I love it.  I put it in one spot and then I moved it. (Big surprise.)  I decided that it needed a spot in the family room, where we all could enjoy it.  After all of our fence building this year…I think that it’s fitting that we purchased a little pumpkin made from a small post.  You all know by now, that I love to incorporate decor that means something to us.  I love for our home to tell our story.


I have pared my fall decor down so much this year.  It is amazing.  It’s also very breathable.  At this point in our lives…this is what works for me.  I just dug out my favorites this year and I may grab a real one or two.  I am enjoying the fall scents in the wax warmer too.  They are so cozy.


I am going to take a little break, next week, from social media.  I will be back though, Good Lord willing, and we shall talk of all things fall.  😉  I’m also wanting to get back in the swing of sharing a recipe now and again.  Who knows?  I may even have a new pumpkin or two…by then.  If so…I will let you know. After all…there is surely a pumpkin for everyone. 😉

Love from the dirt road,