Hey Dirt Roaders!  How are you on this lovely day?  We are crazy, that is what we are.  One of the busiest weeks of the year…back to school.  Everyone was smiling though…so that is a good thing.  By the way…did someone say something about an elephant in the room?  😉  Well…here it is:


Yes.  I spent a chunk of my morning working on a new blog header.  It was time for a change after the summer.  I haven’t blogged much in the past few weeks…but hopefully that will change now that we are back in a routine.  I have been busy guys!  Busy living this life that I blog about.

I wanted to give you something to gaze “uponst” that would reflect who I am.  At this point…and always I have a heart for old things.  I am also loving the warmth that wood is bringing to farmhouse style lately.  Of course, I enjoy it paired with white.  Don’t sign me up for paneling just yet.  😉  Baskets are a no-brainer and the itty bitty salt and pepper shakers are from my mom.  They are so me.  She knew that they were when she picked them up at good ol’ Cracker Barrel.  Then there is the amber bottle.  Those are catching my eye… a lot.  I checked Ebay for the apothecary bottles in amber.  Eeeeeep!  Gotta strike oil first. The blue runner?  Well…it’s blue.  Blue has always been my favorite color in the crayon box.   Anyway…just a bit of what makes my little junkin’ heart go pitter patter.  I had to cozy it up a bit for us here at Along the Dirt Road.  It’s that time of year.

Have a wonderful day!