Have you been wondering where I went?  lol!  Me too.  I actually didn’t plan to take time off from blogging…but I got busy.  You can do that when you are just blogging and not making money at it.  We have had Youth Camp to pack for, go to, come home from and do mounds of laundry…because of.  It’s all totally worth it though.  Our kids love it, and the blessings of God…are second to none.  I am back though, trying to get back on track.


Are you doing lots of fun and summery things?  People are starting to mention pumpkins and fall around here.  Our weather has been so mild this summer,  you constantly think of fall.  It’s supposed to warm up this week though.  That is good for the swimming pool crowd.


We are just about to get our fencing done, here on our little farm.  We are so excited to start our little herd.  Farming teaches patience….that is for sure.


Back in business,