Hey Guys!  How are you?  We are doing well.  I am thankful to be able to say that, truthfully.  Life is hard sometimes, isn’t it?  Sometimes it feels as though we move from one struggle to the next.  God is faithful though, and He gives us help and strength.  Anyway…thank you for joining me on this Monday…babble.  Just a few things that are going on at the Farmhouse.  Not rocket science or mind blowing.  Just me, trying to start another week.  Trying…is good.  🙂


Sooo…guess what?  I ordered another book.  Would you like to know what it is?  Of course you would.  I ordered the Trim Healthy Mama book.  I am so excited to get it and just…learn…at first.  I am not one of those folks that can eat whatever their hearts desire and stay the same size.  I have to watch it a little…or I gain.  That being said…I am so interested in a healthy lifestyle.  (Even though I have an insane love for the carbonated beverage.)  After my dad went to Heaven, the weight dropped off.  Then after a few months…I would eat…just because it gave me comfort.  I am not trying to promote a diet plan…because we all know at what weight we feel good.  That is where I try to stay.  Also…since I am a thirty-something…I want to be healthy and take care of this temple that God gave me.  Does that include iced coffee?  I hope so.  See?  My sanguine/party personality…is my waistline’s arch rival.  lol!


In other Farmhouse news…I bought two new succulents last night and some new yarn.  I know, I know.  Such an exciting life that I lead.  Oh…and I also bought an Auntie Anne’s pretzel…because our town now has a franchise.  This should have been in the paragraph above.  Or not.  Don’t tell the Trim Healthy Mama folks about my pretzel okay?  lol!  Actually…I don’t have my book yet.  Pass me another pretzel…with sweet mustard please.  😉  Anyway…an old high-school friend has been out to our farmhouse and she inspired me with her crochet talent.  I know how to crochet a tad.  I’m starting with a dish rag.  Wish me luck.


In oily news, I ordered some Bergamot from Young Living today.  I am anxious to mix it with my Patchouli for perfume.  I have heard that it’s really nice.  Are you familiar with Young Living essential oils?  We love them.  Our whole family.  It’s amazing when we utilize the things around us, that God provided when He created this place.  Don’t be scared.  I didn’t sell my Expedition to buy a hippie van.  I just love the fact…that my children can use Peppermint for a headache instead of something that is hard on their liver.  Ya know?  Of course you do.


(Ignore the crazy gray line in the snap.  That was when my phone blogging was wonky.)

I warned you of the babble.  If you are still here, by this point, bless you.  I plan some “granny chic” goodness for us this week…we shall see how that goes.  Today…I am just catching you up on the excitement (ha!) and checking in.  Oh, I almost forgot…we got more fence posts in.  Exciting I tell you!  Now…what to fix for supper?


Jesus loves YOU!