It happened.  I finally got into the groove of summer vacation, I think.  I spent a couple of weeks in no man’s land.  It was weird.  I think, that what happened, was this:  Every year May is so crazy-busy that by the time school lets out, we are in fast mode.  It takes a bit to ease into the slower pace.


This week is the Mr.’s birthday!  So…due to that…I will be taking a few days off from blogging.  We are going to spend quality time with our little family. After all…quality time is my love language.  (Just found that out.)  So the days that I am off…I am going to live intentional and on purpose.



Summer is fun.  It’s actually my favorite, in case you missed that.  Ours will be full of farming and outside projects, Lord willing.  That kind of summer is full of hard work…but it’s very rewarding.  Our garden is also in full swing.  We are very thankful for that, since we got it out late, due to our weather in this neck of the woods.


I hope that you have a wonderful “rest of the week.”  I also hope that you are easing into summer too.  After all…it’s (almost) summer and the livin’ is easy.

Love from the Farmhouse,


p.s. Next week we will see how much more “grandma’s house in the summer” we can find.  Fun, fun!