Okay.  I could be biased.  She is my mom’s sister…after all.  She is also a saint.  I mean, fairly close to Mother Threasa.  lol!  She is also our son’s Sunday School teacher and she just helped him grow a sunflower to plant in our garden.  (He is so proud.  He took me out to that little corner of our garden and showed me how much it had grown already.)  All of that, and the woman can make a mean strawberry pie.  Wow.  Just wow.


You know…I didn’t know that she even made strawberry pie.  Have I been living under a rock?  She has been my aunt for almost 37 years.  Was she hiding this from me?  I seriously doubt it.  I must not have been paying attention.  Shame, shame.  This pie is so good and so easy…I plan on making it a lot.  Well…not like…all the time…a lot…because I can’t stay out of it.  I will put it in my stack of “keepers.”  It will be a “go to” recipe for sure.  Thank you Aunt Threasa.  You are a genius!



Aunt Threasa’s Strawberry Pie



1 baked pie shell

whipped cream

1/2 c. sugar

2 rounded tbsp. cornstarch

2 tbsp. strawberry jello

pinch of salt

1 c. hot water

1 c. sliced strawberries


Mix 1/2 c. sugar, 2 rounded tbsp. cornstarch, 2 tbsp. of strawberry jello and a pinch of salt.  Add 1 cup of hot water and cook on med. heat until thickened.  Cool slightly and then add strawberries.  Pour into baked pie shell.  Chill and top with whipped cream.

(If using a deep dish pie shell…double the recipe.  That is what I did.)

I’m telling you, it will change your life.  By the way, I tend to get a little excited about food.  Oh, you picked up on that?  My Dirt Roaders are so smart.


I hope that you have a piece of pie today.  Pie is good.  The end. 😉