I am sure that you know this already.  I am all about the little things.  When I was a little girl, I loved the teeniest of the tiny when it came to toys. I also loved pens and paper, but that is kind of beside the point.  Well, maybe not…those are small things…that I delighted in.  Okay…that figures in to this too.  Sorry.  I had to figure that out.  Anyway, now that I am an adult, (Yes…my age qualifies me for that.) I have discovered that the little things are still, very much, what I delight in.


You can discover this throughout our home.  The things that I keep and treasure…mostly have meaning.  They are things that probably wouldn’t mean as much to others.  I laugh and say that I am a grandmother at heart.  The things that I have kept of my dad’s wouldn’t mean much to others, but they mean the world to me.  Yes…I am very sentimental.  I do not apologize.  God created me this way.  It’s high time that I embrace that.


These little things in our home…bring me happiness.  Notice that I didn’t say “joy.”  I am learning though a study on the Fruits of the Spirit that happiness comes from happenings.  Joy comes from the confidence of having Jesus Christ within.  So…these little “treasures” make me happy when I glance at them, in passing.  They are a part of what is happening around me.  I love that.  That is an amazing little nugget to learn.  Don’t apologize for wanting to fill your home with happiness, Dirt Roaders.  That doesn’t mean that you should overspend.  Just put thought into what is surrounding you.  Does it make you feel happy?  If not….change things.  It’s your nest to fluff.  Enjoy it.


I am crazy about the basket that I picked up at a yard sale.  It does not have sentimental value…but it was a bargain and that is a biggie for me.  Old baskets seem to whisper a story of a time when things were actually used…not just a part of the decor.  So…it brings me aesthetic happiness.  It gives a feeling of another time.  I love that.  The little yellow doily, under my fun Target lamp, was sent to me, by one of my sweet Instagram friends.  It was just the pop of mustard that I needed…at a really hard time.  I don’t know what my deal with yellow is…but it has been color therapy over the last few months.  Lastly, the feed sack pillow is such a sweet little testament of the things that have been going on, this spring, at the Farmhouse.  Fencing and cattle and more goats and all of the things that are proof of a little dream…coming true.

Don’t forget to pause and look around, Dirt Roaders.  You don’t want to miss the little things.

Reflectively yours,