It’s my very favorite, this summer season.  Okay…so technically it’s still spring…but the kids are home.  It’s my happy time.  This momma hen is CRAZY about having her chicks in the nest.  I am not one of those mothers that dread having her children home. (That doesn’t mean that there is never any yelling…apologizing…hiding from my children, and things like that.)  Maybe it’s genetic.  I come from a long line of men and women that embrace home and enjoy being there.  Okay…so maybe not all of them had hermit tendencies like me…but they made and make home a happy place.  I want to have a home like that.  One that always draws your heart back.  (See what I’m doing?  Investing in my adult children….coming to see us…someday.)


Did you know that home doesn’t have to be boring? Of course you did.  We have too many chores to do around here, to ever be bored.  Plus…as an only child for almost 18 years…I can always find something to do, for myself and the kids.  Actually our children learned at a very young age to never use the word “bored” around Momma.  She will find something to remedy that.  😉


Yesterday we worked hard.  We embraced our home in that way.  The kids helped and we knocked out some much needed cleaning that needed to be done.  Today…I have a bit more of that to do and then maybe time to piddle.  That is my favorite way to embrace home.  You know, baking or tweaking (decor… 🙂 ) rearranging.  Fluffing the nest is what we call it here at Along the Dirt Road.  Mom and I have always called it “piddling.”


Exciting news for tonight’s supper.  The Mister is grilling us a burger!  I love it when he embraces our home by manning the grill.  I know…I know…it doesn’t take much to excite me.  You guys know how I roll.  Simple pleasures and embracing home is one of my all time favorites.

front porch beans

Love from the dirt road,