Well, Dirt Roaders, here we are again. It’s Monday. Some people love it…others, not so much. I don’t really have an issue with Monday…but it sure isn’t Thursday.  I have, what seems to be, a million things that need doing today.  Well, this week really.  I need to be cranking it out.  How bout you?


The Mr. bought an amazing Groupon a while back and I need to dig out an old shot that I took of him and the little Mr.  The Groupon was for two big canvases for an amazing price.  That also means that in the next couple of days, I need to do a family photo shoot…of our family.  I’m very excited to get a new family picture for our family room.  It’s been a while.  Like the one that is up there…is going on ten years old.  Yeah…nuts.


I also need to clean this Farmhouse.  Last week was full from beginning to end with craziness.  Things that had to be done and some things that I thought I would never face until I was old and gray.  That is just how life is though.  God knows exactly where we are.  I am very thankful for that.  By the way, I promised a shot of mom with her new teeth.  They are beautiful.  I am so happy for her.


Well…I hope that your Monday is productive.  I hope that you get everything done that you wanted to accomplish.  Those days are my favorite.  I like to get things done.

Cranking it out,