Yesterday, a friend and I had a little ” food delivery adventure.”  We had a really good time of non-stop talking, laughter and tears, on the way there and back.  The day was bright and sunny and we even got to stop in at one of our favorite little “honey holes” that was on the way.  I picked up a little wooden rabbit.  I will show her to you as soon as I get her all cozied up on the mantle.  I think that I will name her Brenda.  (That is the friend from yesterday’s adventure.  She is also my husband’s cousin.)


I didn’t know that Brenda was going to go with me.  At the last minute…she asked if I wanted a rider.  Of course I did.  We climbed up into ol’ Henrietta (Our Expedition.  Yes…her name is Henrietta Ford.)  and away we went.  It was one of those times when you are thinking “God this is from You.  You knew that we needed this.”  It was a couple of hours of God’s unexpected blessings.


You see…Brenda has been though some things in her life.  So have I.  We all have.  Sometimes…the greatest therapy is with a friend that looks you in the eye and nods their head.  Even in that…we weren’t  just connecting though understanding…we were connecting by heart…because we both believe that Jesus loves us…and that He will take us through.


Do you know that Jesus loves you, sweet Dirt Roaders?  He does.  We all have hard times in life, but He provides us with strength and unexpected blessings.  Someday…when I am stronger…I will tell you things that He has done for us in the past few months.  Right now…just trust me, when I tell you…that He has unexpected blessings for you.

Love from our dirt road…to yours,