Deep breath.  I come to you today Dirt Roaders, broken-hearted, yet full of hope.

My sweet step-mom, our daughter and my precious daddy.

My sweet step-mom, our daughter and my precious daddy.

My sweet daddy passed from this life over the Thanksgiving break.

I do want you to know this though:  God is real.  God loves us.  God is merciful.  God sees us.  God is in control and we can trust God.

I also want you to know this:  My daddy was living a wonderful “nose to the grind for God” kind of life.  I know that he just slipped away and right into the arms of Jesus.  That is exactly what he did…just slipped away in his sleep.  How merciful is that?  My dad got the best route out of this ol’ world.

The last thing that I want to say is this:  Live…Ready to fly. My daddy was fifty six.  That is young.  Think about it.  Living ready to fly…is the only option.  I don’t say that to sound morbid…because living a life…ready to fly…is a joyful life.  Try it…you will love it.

Jesus Christ loves you, Dirt Roaders.  He wants you to love Him back.  I promise you…that when you do…He will make all of the difference in your life.

I’m going to take another week off…because I have to try to pull myself up by the bootstraps and make a little Christmas happen in our house for our kids.  Please pray for me, Dirt Roaders.  I desire your prayers so much.

A daddy’s girl, applying what she learned,