There’s a roof up above me, 

I’ve got a good place to sleep,

There’s food on my table,

And shoes on my feet,

You gave me Your love Lord,

And a fine family,

Thank You Lord, for Your blessings on me.


Last night, I got together with our ladies group for our Bible study.  We were visiting about Thanksgiving and my MIL reminded me that the song above was actually the main one that we sang around the table at Granny Ruby’s before we ate.


Granny Ruby was an amazing woman.  She worked so hard up until it was totally impossible.  When she was just a young wife, she had three children and my FIL on the way…and her husband died.  They lived in a little house,  way out in the country and she raised those kids to be fine and amazing adults.  She had another little girl, later on, when she remarried.  She instilled those same values in that child, as well.


Granny Ruby had known hard times.  They came knocking at her door several times through her life.  That being said, I don’t ever remember hearing her complain.  Her God and her family and friends…meant everything.  She and I hit it off from the very beginning and I will always cherish the memory of sitting at her little table writing her chocolate chip cookie recipe down. (The best in the world.  I will share them with you someday.)  I also have her sewing machine.  I love it that my MIL thought to ask if I wanted it.  I also have her sewing box.  Just looking inside…tells a little story.  What a treasure.


I also have her grandson, her great-granddaughters and her great-grandson. That’s the way that works isn’t it?  My husband has her nature.  Quick to be kind, quick to think the best of others and the ability to keep quiet when he doesn’t have a kind word to say.  He has her work ethic and her love of family too.  He also loves the God that she loved.  Granny Ruby left me so much more than a cookie recipe and a sewing machine.  She left a part of herself…in others.  I am so thankful.  So very thankful.


Granny Ruby passed away a few years back on Christmas Eve.  It was very fitting that she went to be with Jesus just in time for His birthday celebration.  I can imagine just how very happy that she was to be there.  Who knows? Maybe she suggests once in a while that folks up there join hands and sing “Thank You Lord, for Your Blessings on Me.”  She sure did love that tradition while she was here….just before time to dig into that huge meal that she had lovingly prepared for her family.


Just helping us to be thankful for the real treasures,