Hello all!  I hope that things are going well for you today.  We are plugging right along at the Farmhouse.  I am enjoying the changing leaves and the cooler temps.  Speaking of…today I thought that I would visit with you for a minute about the natural elements that people are using in their home decor.  Okay with you?  Great.  You are such a team player.  😉

Have you noticed that wood has made a major comeback?  I am blown away by this.  I guess when you are are child of the late seventies and early eighties…all of your childhood memories are wrapped in paneling.  Actually some people still have it….and it’s a good thing.  I believe that eventually…it will come back with a bang…at least in some form.  Anyone spied planked walls lately?  Pretty much the same concept. (Sorta.)  I told my husband years ago, when Martha started promoting wood…that it would catch on again.  Good eye momma….good eye.


Yes….I have jumped on the bandwagon…in a way.  I love the warmth that wood adds to the Farmhouse.  Natural elements are beautiful and simple.  I love to decorate with pine cones and acorns and leaves.  Pine cones can be eased into Christmas decor and if you have dried gourds…they will last for years to come.


I’m thinking of going a bit more simple at Christmas this year.  I love the message of Christmas but sometimes the hub bub overwhelms me.  Maybe we need a woodland theme at the farmhouse this year…with a bit of mercury glass sparkle.  That sounds fun doesn’t it?  Hmmmmmm………


Covering up my Sheetrock,  (Not really Mr. Dirtroad, don’t be afraid to come home.)