How’s it going out there today, Dirt Roaders?  We are doing good at The Farmhouse.  We have a big ol’ pot of Thrifty Soup going on the stove top today and we have Apple Pumpkin Bread in the oven.  You can’t beat that.  This time of year I have the urge to bake.  This is uncommon for the most part.  Cooking is “my thang” and baking….well not so much.  Then comes the briskness to the air…and all of that is thrown out the window.  Bring on the baking!


Yesterday I spotted a recipe for Apple Pumpkin Bread with Streusel Topping on the blog of Sand & Sisal.  You can find that here.  It sounded and looked amazing.  So…at present it is in the oven in The Farmhouse Kitchen.  How cozy does that sound?  I know.  Pretty cozy.


I’m so excited for my husband to come home!  He loves fresh apple cake and he also loves pumpkin pie…so I’m thinking that he will love this.  I haven’t told him that I’m making it…so unless he reads the blog…he will be surprised that I’m baking up a little fall.  He won’t be surprised.  My blog posts go to his email.  What a sweetie, that ol’ Mr. Dirt Road.  😉

I'll bet you would have never guessed this color.  ;)

Well…that’s about it today.  Not every day here is that ambitious.  Sometimes we have five dollar pizza’s from Little Caesar’s on Wednesday night.  Our church has mid-week service so we try to simplify.  Tonight though we will have a little soup, maybe some biscuits (frozen) and Apple Pumpkin Bread.  It makes a ton…so I even have little loaves to share.  You can’t beat that!

Simplicity is for me.  Happy Wednesday, Dirt Roaders!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening, Dirt Roaders. Maybe you can bake up a little fall at your house.  May the love of God warm your hearts on a chilly evening.

Up to my earlobes in dishes!