Today…..I went through my baking cabinet.  You know, the one that holds all of the sprinkles and flavorings and seasonings.  It made me excited.  It made me dream about days of baking Christmas goodies and party food.


Days that I clean out the cabinets and the pantry…and even the fridge….I feel very blessed.  I feel like I’m doing a good thing…just organizing what we already have.  I’m not at the store piling more and more in my cart…I’m just looking through what has already be given by the Provider.

s n p

This is such a simple post today.  No big project…which is not surprising.  Our life, while we have some of those now and then, is really about being inspired by what you have already been blessed with.

First...I have to rip everything out. (And throw out the stuff that is 76 years old.) ;)

I am thankful to be the type of person that gets joy out of these things.  Now that’s not to say that I don’t love to shop now and then.  I also love to go junking…which you already knew.  I just find contentment at times in telling myself “Nah…I don’t need more of that…I already have enough at home.”  I have to have a healthy balance or I start feeling overwhelmed.

This is January.

On a little organizational note:  Have you tried storing your cornstarch, baking soda and baking powder in wide mouth canning jars?  It’s amazing.  Perfect for scooping.  Just be sure and label the tops.  😉


What are your thoughts on hoarding collecting, Dirt Roaders?  Does too much overwhelm you?  Do you love having just enough?  I want to know.  I also want to do better myself.  Please pass the yard sale sign. 😉


Sorting through the piles,