Have you noticed that people are hanging deer antlers on their walls and fake cow heads?  It’s true.  It’s the thing to do.


The other day I was out junking with my momma and ran across this little beauty.  I believe that she was a towel or necklace holder in her former life.  She had a price sticker on the back from a store that was in business here…yeaaaaars ago.  It was called West Gibsons and then later West’s.


When I saw Betsey…..I knew that she needed to come home with me.  I had spray paint in mind.  I could see my own little version of the ever popular cow head.

I am so pleased that I found her.  Betsey is right at home in the Farmhouse kitchen.  She watches me cook.  That is fine by me.

Happy Sunday evening, Dirt Roaders!


p.s. I had a picture of Betsey’s “before”…..but I think someone me accidently deleted it.  Anyway…she was white…with crazy gold eyes.  Much better now!