Can you believe it?  It’s been a year already.  My first post was on my birthday, last year!  I thought that I was posting on the eve of my birthday…but it must have rolled on over to midnight.  My first post was short and sweet and you can find it here. It’s very short and sweet.


I am so excited that you guys come with me on this journey.  I love sharing my faith…our food and our farmhouse with you.  It’s been amazing for me meeting up with different ones in our community…that ride along on this dirt road journey.  It humbles me…in a way that I can’t really explain.  Is it possible for God to do a work in you…when you are reaching out to others?  Of course it is.  That is the way that He works.  He is wonderful…and I love Him.

My first header for the blog.

My first header for the blog.

So…I have a little update for you.  Yesterday…was my big day.  On Saturday…the Mr. and our little guy spent several hours at the goat auction.  They had never been before…and they were so grateful to meet up with the Mr.’s brother and his wife.  They showed them the ropes and now I am a proud goat mama.  😉  I’m kinda thinking that the highlight of the auction…was getting to hang out with his brother…but the Mr. dutifully brought this crazy country girl…a little Pygmy and her baby.  I will post pictures as soon as I can.  Myrtle and Peanut…have now joined us at the Farmhouse.  They are precious.  Our kids are in love.  (That was kinda the plan.  Ask for goats for your birthday…for the kids to play with.)  😉  Annnnnd……..My Mr. and my FIL started on my beadboard backsplash…to be finished tonight!  Woot woot!  I’m so excited.  It definitely adds a huge touch of “farmhousey” around here.  I can’t wait to show you!

Birthday the best.

I also can’t wait to start this next year of blogging with you all.  I have some amazingly faithful blog followers that wait for my next post.  That is so fun.  Our last week was full of open houses and early morning hours of school starting and buying school supplies that we didn’t know that we needed…but maybe things will be more normal….for a bit.  Maybe I can get back on schedule.

I shall call her Dotty.  ;)

I hope that you have a wonderful day, Dirt Roaders.  It’s looking bright and crisp in the sky here.  Hmmm… I see fall around the bend?  😉


I blog…to share His love, and to encourage you to look around…at His blessings,


p.s. Mister Dirt Road….you are a blessing that I don’t deserve.  It humbles me to think that you were meant for me.  I will spend my life….cooking bacon for you…because I know…how much it means to you.  😉