Last night…I was sitting here looking around.  Do you do that?  Just gaze around and dream?  I do.  Then out of the blue…something popped into my head.  I have a little twiggy pumpkin that I bought at the end of fall…on clearance.  Just like that…I was super excited.  (No…it doesn’t take much for a sanguine.)

I have wanted one of these twiggy pumpkins for a while.  Half price?  Even better.

I know that technically, it is still summer.  We have just had crazy fall weather for weeks.  It’s kinda messing with me.  You know what?  I think that I am fixing to cave.  The only time that I have put my fall stuff out, super duper early, was when I was getting ready to have our son.  That year, I put my stuff out at the end of August.  It’s just that I love the pop of orange pumpkins so much…that I am having a hard time waiting.  Don’t get me wrong…I grumble right along with everyone else when they put the next season’s things out too soon at the store.


Maybe I will just go down to the storage room and look though my stuff and dream.  The good Lord knows that I don’t want time to pass any faster than it already does.  Besides, I think that we are getting ready to start the beadboard birthday project.  We may need all the room that we can get for a few days.  😉

I love all things "punkumy."

Dreaming of fall…