My life is still in a spin.  Do you ever have weeks like that?  I’m sure that you do.  Most times…all of  the crazy in life comes in batches.  Maybe the good Lord knows that we need major down time…most of the time.


The thing is…even though my blogging has been suffering and limping along….you, my Sweet Dirt Roaders…continue to visit.  I feel honored that you would read my babbles.  I have had no DIY projects to offer you.  I have had a limited supply of junkin’ finds or much else too totally inspiring…and yet you keep coming by.  I appreciate you….and you…and you over there too.


My sweet daughter went junkin’ today with her friend and her friend’s Grammy.  She bought a prizey for me that I cannot wait to show you.  I want to wait until I get my big camera out…instead of just snapping pics with my phone.  You have been so patient…during this time…that you deserve a little more creativity than that.


My one request for you, Dirt Road Friends, is that you hold our family up in prayer.  God’s grace is sufficient in times like these and I told the Mr. today that “When Jesus is right beside us…we can lay our heads on His shoulder and He makes it all better.”  I am thankful for that…and I’m also thankful that you love me…you really love me.  😉


Love…from our dirt road….to yours,


p.s. If you drive by the Farmhouse and see lights at all hours…it might be me cleaning.  My routine has gotten bumped to the side.  Oh well…you gotta “roll with it.”  😉