Do you ever have times where random stuff just flies around in your brain?  Like this, for instance:

I mean…seriously…we just had the July 4th stuff going on…and I’m dreaming about pumpkins. Yes…they are my favorite thing to decorate with but….come on Kel.

Then….sometimes there are things like this in my brain.


Well…actually….this ^ is swirling around in my brain…a lot.  Junk is my “happy place.”

(Why am I using the word brain so much?)

Then at times I’m thinking about stuff like this:

This week….I have been thinking a lot about a bedroom makeover that is going on…like right now.  It’s a room that has had ballet slipper pink, boysenberry, and pineapple colored walls.  Now they will be ballet slipper and salmon striped and sort of a sky blue/turquoise.  I cannot wait to share it with you. Today…I made a banner for the wall out of vintage sheets. Soooo exciting!

Before I ever do a project…it swirls around in my brain.  People think that I’m just…all sittin’ there being quiet and listening to them.  In all actuality….I’m painting walls and buying rugs and moving furniture…in my brain.  lol!  I’m kidding!!!!!!  I listen to people.  I save my daydreaming for car rides and such…where I really don’t have to pay close attention.  (You know…when I’m not driving.)  😉 btw:  Tonight on the way home from camp…I stood on the edge of the highway with my little child…while he was throwing up. It’s all good.  We were puking and praying.  We are a talented family.  🙂


This plant died.  Isn’t that sad?  What did I do wrong?  Someone tell me….why the Lemon Button didn’t love us?

Have a wonderful Thursday, Dirt Roaders.  Thank you for coming on my crazy quilt ride today.  Sometimes it’s nice to not have much form…and just to go with what pops into your head.  Try it sometime.  Take a mini mind vacation.  Just don’t do it during the sermon!  😉

The preacher’s wife,


p.s. Really Honey….I listen!  😉  I love you!