Okay….am I the only one that ever feels this way?  We have been nutty-busy lately.  Matter of fact I am blogging from my phone…yet once again…because I need to head to town in  second.

I really need to figure out what we are eating tonight.  I’m thinking that no matter how yummy ice cream is….it’s not meant for a meal.

Do you guys have a go-to meal for times like these?  If it were winter I might throw on a pot of chili….but the Mr. doesn’t dig soup and chili in the summer.  I can understand that.

Sometimes on nights like this we have breakfast for supper.  I enjoy it. When I was a kid….I hated it!  Things change.  😉

Part of the reason for my dilema…is….I need to go grocery shopping.  Ahhh….now we know….what all this wee-wahhhing is about!  😉


(Hey…at least it’s chocolate!)

Have a wonderful day…Sweet Dirt Roadies.  I promise…a meatier post…next time.  Sorry….that was lame.  😉  Now….go forth and cook a feast…..I think we might have a PB n J!