Do you ever sit in a chair at your house and look your family room over and think about…where you could move stuff?  I do.  I am thinking about doing this today.  The only problem is…that it’s a thousand pound dresser that I’m talking about.  Okay…not really…but I will have to take the drawers out to move it.  I don’t want to be blogging tomorrow from a hospital bed…because I’m having hernia surgery.

(This is where it sits now.)



I wasn’t going to tell the Mr. that I was moving it.  I was going to surprise him.  Why do we wives like to do this?  “Hey Babe.  Notice anything different?” Maybe it’s more because we don’t want to see the look of utter distress on their faces when we throw our big idea out there.  Probably both. Anyway…he gets my blog posts sent to his inbox…so he will know.  (Secretly he will be glad that he missed out on this one.)  His only job will be to line the drawers back onto their tracks when he gets home.  This little chest is persnickety that way.

(Pardon the fall décor. These are old shots. But…it kinda makes me excited to decorate for fall.  I know…I have a problem.)  😉


I need to clean today.  I am notorious for “piddling” on cleaning day.  I think that it gets me in the groove to clean.  It also slows me down…cause I have to stand around and think about what I am doing…instead of just firing up the vacuum.  (I love to vacuum.  Have I ever shared that?  Well…now you know.)



(This is where it will go now…if I can accomplish this feat.  I will put it where the lamp is.  We shall see…I may move it right back!)


Have a wonderful Thursday, Dirt Roaders!  The beginning of the weekend!