Are you terribly excited that it’s summer vacation? Around here…school is out. We attended our last graduation of the year, last night. Today, I think that I am just kinda chillin.’  Chillin’ and thinking about summer projects.  How fun is that?  I know…fun.

Yesterday…my MIL called and said something very precious.

Me: Hello?

Mother-in-law: I found an old door!


Woo Hoooooooo!  Are you excited?  Okay…let me explain.  I had told my MIL that I would love to have an old door to hang on the wall in our master bedroom.  I was going to add coat hooks to it.  She has been on the hunt since…so you can imagine our excitement.  You can also imagine our excitement….because said door was in an old house that was going to be dozed and we were going to go poke around in it.

It was time for an adventure.  We constantly cautioned each other to watch for copperheads and poison ivy.  I got to see my mother-in-law grab a hammer and get down to business beating an old shutter and some siding apart.  I gave praise to Jesus…when the nail that could have went up through my foot…just stuck up the side of my shoe. (That was close.)  People that drove by probably thought that we were nuts, hoisting that old door into my husband’s truck.  Yes…we have muscles and we will use them…to heave junk. (Have I mentioned that the living room had hardwood flooring?  Yeah…sad.  I could just see it…polished up.)



After I got this well-loved beauty home, and looked her over… I think that I’m going to just prop it up against the wall and add two coat hooks.  I love the farmhousy feel that it has.  It needs a good bath but I’m not sure about repainting.  I’m kinda in love with its chippyness.  It even has a little patch of blue.  Be still my little junkin’ heart.


Are you wondering about the coffee bean sacks yet?  Those are just a little sneak peek of what may become curtains.  I thought that you might like to see a bit of what was up my sleeve for this summer vacation.  We also have a paint project that I’ve mentioned before.  I need to start it pretty quick.  I have two precious ones…patiently waiting on that one.  (To my Mr.: Are you ready to trim?) 😉


Have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Road Sweeties.  I cannot wait to share our summer and our projects with you… from along the dirt road.