Hey gang!  Hope that mmmMonday! is treating you fine and dandy.  I am finally getting around to sharing our meatloaf recipe with you today.  I hope that you enjoy it. The girls and I had a blast in the kitchen making it.  (Your are welcome…future sons-in-law.)


This meatloaf is very special.  After we had been married about four or five years…my husband tells me that his Aunt Sandy made an awesome meatloaf when he was a kid.  Now keep in mind that for all this time he had dutifully eaten my attempts at meatloaf.  He didn’t put mine down…he just bragged her meatloaf up.  Smart wife that I was (am) I gave ol’ Aunt Sandy a ringy ding and asked for the recipe.  It was and is very good.


Aunt Sandy went to be with Jesus a few years back and my husband actually preached her funeral.  It was such a solemn time…but it was precious when my husband mentioned the things that he remembered that Aunt Sandy used to cook.  We don’t realize how important the little things are do we?  So…today…this blog post is for you Aunt Sandy.  I’m teaching others what you taught me.  I’m paying it forward.  I’m also teaching it to the girls…so their husbands won’t have to endure bland meatloaf for four or five years.  😉


Aunt Sandy’s Meatloaf

2 lbs. ground beef

2 eggs

1 envelope of onion soup mix

chopped green, red or yellow pepper

saltine crackers


Country Bob’s steak sauce (I was out of this so I used Worcestershire…which was fine.)




Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Put ground beef in a large bowl that gives you plenty of room for squishing.  Beat eggs and then add to beef.  Add onion soup mix.  You can chop as much  green pepper as you like and then add it to the bowl.  (Some people may like less or more.)  As for adding the crackers…you kind of have to eyeball it.  Maybe about half a sleeve and then if it’s still a little too moist add more.  You need to crush them up into fine crumbs.  (I think that Sandy told me to use oats…and I have done both.  Which ever you like is fine.  It doesn’t alter the taste.)  Salt and pepper….just a dash of both.  When adding the Country Bobs…you might just do a couple of tablespoons.  You don’t want to add too much moisture.  Also…it’s totally okay to leave this out.  It’s good both ways.  Then……just SQUISH…and squish and squish…until everything is incorporated.  Shape into a loaf and then brush ketchup on the top.  I do a pretty thick layer.  Pop it in the over for forty-five minutes.  Take it out…add another layer of ketchup and bake fifteen more minutes.  YUMOLA!


I hope that you have a wonderful day!  I hope that you make this meatloaf and then have the leftovers on a sandwich the next day.  The next time I make it…I’m using three pounds of beef.  There were NO leftovers last time.  Boo….hoo.  Now…go forth…and meatloaf, Sweet Dirt Roaders!