Good mmmMonday! to you, Dirt Roaders.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was a little crazy.  That is okay though.  Better a little crazy…than a lot crazy, in my opinion.

We were gonna talk meatloaf today…but due to craziness, we may put that off until next week.  I try to be a woman of my word…so in case you were looking forward to it…keep hanging on.  You will?  Okay…thank you.

I thought that I would leave you with a picture of good things to come today.  This is a little bounty from last year’s garden. The Mr. got ours all plowed up on Saturday and it looks so good.  (Thanks to the MIL for spotting that awesome Troy Built Horse in the paper last year. btw: MIL…that skirt that you had on at church last night….ADORBS!)  He also got our yard mowed and the kids and I got the flower beds and herb bed weeded and ready for mulch.  (Lots of antibiotics and allergy meds on my part….the pollen is nuts here.)


I hope that you have a wonderful mmmMonday!  I hope that it’s filled with all things bright and wonderful.  I hope that you feel the love of Christ warming your heart from the inside…out today.  You deserve it….He said so.  😉