I shall not whine. The sun is shining. It’s almost Spring Break.  I. Love. Lovity. Love. Spring Break.  It is a whole big bunch of family time for us.  Plus…it just feels like it pulls us up out of winter and sets us on our way.  (My apologies to all of you winter lovers.  I really try…with cozy sweaters and pots of soup…but summer is just my element.) I love you winter…you have your place…but I am so over you.

Because I love you and I am going to leave you for a week, I know…try not to cry, I am going to share a very goofy picture of myself with you today. (You can still follow on Instagram or Facebook.) Now the goofy part…..I need you to realize that I am not talking about the apron.  I am talking about my bed head.  I am talking about the crazy pose that I was doing while my little son snapped the shot.  So pardon the hair.  I shall explain more in a minute. (I’m still not sure why I had my arm like that.)


This picture was taken the day after our annual ladies rally at our church. It’s a wonderful night of our area ladies meeting together for worship, fellowship and of course FOOD!  By the time that night is over I am ready for a little break.  You wouldn’t (or maybe you would) believe everything that goes into that one little night.  Matter of fact, that green shirt, is last year’s rally shirt.  I must have worn it to bed.  Why am I telling you all this?  Oh yeah…the apron.

The night of the rally…my sweet friend Valerie walked up to me and handed me a gift.  Valerie and I are kindred spirits.  We are both artsy kind of gals and there just seems to be an unspoken bond there.  We were at a retreat last fall and we were up front swapping each other’s cameras back and forth snappin’ shots…pretty much oblivious to everyone around.  You know the kind of friend that I’m talking about.  Anywhooooo….this wonderful apron was in that package.  She made it herself.  It’s made out of a pair of overalls.  She even sewed a little heart patch with my name on the front.  The strap on the back is made with one of the galluses…so it’s adjustable.  How wonderful is that? Pretty wonderful…just like Valerie.

Are you guys ready for Spring Break?  Are you ready for summer and tanned skin and flip-flops?  I am ready for kids being at home and swimming pools and summer food.  Summer food inspires me…probably like no other.  I’m ready for our garden too.  btw:  I forgot to tell you….we are going to get new babies during Spring Break.  Easter Eggers.  We have five new baby chicks coming…so next fall we will have blue and green eggs.  How fun is that!?

I will miss you, Dirt Roaders…while I am out-of-pocket for a bit. “I’ll be back.” 😉  Since I am so crazy in love with Instagram though…you can follow us here. Or if you don’t already, you can follow us on our Facebook page called Along the Dirt Road…here. I am gonna be hanging out with my precious ones.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  Spring Break…I think that I’m in love with you.