Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  Hopefully well.  Ours was filled with me cleaning, helping the Mr. scrub a chicken’s tush…and egg salad.  Can you say excitement?  I thought that you probably could. 😉  So…the cleaning part would probably bore you…the chicken booty is a story for another day….but the egg salad…it will work for mmMonday!  Let’s get crackin’.  (You are allowed roll your eyes right here.)


Do you  love egg salad?  Do you hate egg salad?  Are you wondering why I made egg salad?  Well….when you have several chickens…you feel the need to eat eggs.  We sell eggs and give eggs away, but we feel obligated to eat them too.  😉  I love whizzing by the egg cooler at our grocery store and knowing that I don’t have to buy them because my “little ladies” are working on that at home.

Saturday morning we were being lazy and discussing what we were going to eat.  My son mentioned omelets, I mentioned potato salad and my husband mentioned egg salad.  His mom used to fix it when he was little.  So…while I was talking to the MIL on the phone later in the day, I asked if they wanted to come out for an egg salad sandwich.  (I know right?  Such a gourmet meal to feed company.) Hey…at least it’s “springy.”  lol! (She and I were also wanting to get together and ooh and aah over some things on Pinterest.  So the egg salad was a good excuse.)  She brought a homemade cheesecake.  Can. You. Say. Heaven?  (My Mr. is so spoiled…and I get to help reap the benefits.)  😉

Mr. Henry and one of his wives.

Mr. Henry and one of his wives.

It’s kinda crazy.  This last week I have made tilapia, beef and noodles and pork loin..but I am sharing the chicken salad with you.  I told you that I was interested in making your life easier.  I wasn’t joking.  I’ve been having another taco hankerin’ too.  I may have to fix that this week.


Okay…so my egg salad was this:


Light Mayo



Relish (I used dill but if you like sweet relish…have at it.) 🙂


Directions:  Boil as many eggs as you think that you will need.  I think that I did 19 or 20. Mash the whole eggs (white and yolk) with a fork.  I added about 1/2 c. of mayo.  Then about 2 tbsp. of mustard.  S & P to taste.  About 2 tbsp. of relish and about 1/2 of a smallish onion. Serve on bread of your choice.

By now, after two months of mmmMonday! you guys are realizing that I LOVE…lovity..love simple recipes with no brainer directions. This would be a delightful little sandwich for a shower or some kind of little meeting or luncheon.  It is so pretty for this time of year.  Okay…okay…so I’m kinda crazy and chickens and eggs and by the way…which came first?  Was it the chicken….or the egg salad? 😉

Have an awesome day, Dirt Roaders!  Why?  Because you deserve it!


p.s.     What if we added a little pinch of dill and a sprinkle of paprika?  There we go!  Now we’re cluckin’!

p.p.s.  A big hello to the DQ girls from last night!  It was so fun to see some of my blog buddies….and that Blizzard was scrumptious!