I know…I know.  Up until now our mmmMonday posts have lacked anything very gourmet.  I promise that I do know how to cook.  We actually love to try new recipes here, along the dirt road.  I just thought that with your busy schedules that you might appreciate something simple once in a while.  Was I right?  Thought so.  🙂

Sometimes the Mr. has to be out-of-pocket on a week night for a board meeting.  I usually don’t push much structure on these nights and try to do something fun with the kids. Sometimes we just eat whatever we want and they love that.  Poor kids…so mistreated…having to eat those well-balanced, home cooked meals, most nights.

veggie skillet

So cruel…to make our children eat healthy meals…full of vitamins!

This particular night we decided to do bagel pizzas.  They are so easy and so fun.  Mine actually wound up being made on a thin bun.  (Moms still have to be a leetle responsible.)  It was really good, as well.  (Not so many carbs.)

Doesn't he make it look good?  :)

Doesn’t he make it look good? 🙂

So what do you need for these bagel pizzas?  It’s not rocket science…which I’m sure you already knew.  Bagels, marinara,  pepperoni, cheese, banana peppers…really whatever toppings you choose.  We lay a couple of pepperoni slices over the hole first…to keep our stuff ON the bagel.  Then you just add marinara and cheese and toppings. Bake at about 350 degrees until the cheese is bubbly and melty.  mmm!

Don't forget to plug the hole with slices of pepperoni!

Don’t forget to plug the hole with slices of pepperoni!

On my version I added pepperoni, olive oil, feta cheese and tomatoes.  Of course anything with feta needs a grind or two of fresh pepper.  🙂  Maybe a little sea salt too! Wouldn’t they be luscious with some marinated artichoke hearts?  Yes, I knew that you would..I agree.  😉 (I’m cracking up thinking about those of you who are grossing out over artichoke hearts.) You know…a sprinkle of Italian seasoning would be good too!

My "skinny" version.

My “skinny” version.

Let’s make a list.

1. bagels (Everything bagels are great!)

2. marinara (Pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce works too.)

3.  mozzarella cheese

4.  toppings (pepperoni, olives, banana peppers orrrrrr…. artichoke hearts)

There you have it.  Simple and delish.  Fun and not much clean up.  How great is that?  It’s great and that is the kind of day that I’m wishing for you, Dirt Road Runners. 🙂  I hope that it’s filled to the tip-top with blessings from above.

I would love to hear about your “fun” meals!  Happy eating!