Hey Friends!  How in this crazy ol’ world are ya?  We are doing good…so of course…that is good.  🙂

So…I know this is probably way behind.  Sometimes I go about my merry little way, oblivious to what the rest of you guys are doing.  I think that it stems from being an only child for so long…(My brother was born right before my eighteenth b-day.)…and being able to entertain myself.  I kind of get into “hermit mode” and, well I don’t know….enough excuses. (Enough analyzing my childhood.)  I am just now asking the question “How bout them chili powder cukes?”

Is this all Greek to you?  They are basically just cucumbers drizzled with olive oil, a splash of lemon juice, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of chili powder on top.  I had heard of them…but never tried them.  So I decided to remedy that.

I tried them.

My question to you all is this:  What do you think about them?


I seriously want some input.  Is this a delicacy that I have missed?  Is there anything else to add that would jazz them up a tad?  What is the big deal-e-o?  I want honest opinions here.  🙂

Even if you haven’t tried cukes this way…what is your favorite way to eat them?  We usually have them growing like crazy in the summer. I’m always up for new ideas.

Have a wonderful day, Dirt Roadikins!  Being healthy can be fun…right?  Okay then…go be healthy.  😉