(This post is actually for Tuesday…but I’m posting late Monday night.) 🙂

Hey Friends! I hope that all is going well in your part of the planet. We are trying to feel better. Sometimes it’s a job. Even when you are sick though….laundry goes on…..and…on…and…on…and…well you now. So, even though I have been a tad under the weather, laundry is still on my agenda. I have to keep my family clothed and in their right minds.

I think that this sign from our laundry room pretty much says it all.


I love this little canvas.  It reminds me of a simple time.  It reminds me of the era in which my parents were born.  It reminds me that I would have never cleaned my house in high heels.  Even back then…I would have kicked them off and “ripped a bone out.”  (That is my mother’s term for really getting with it when you clean. 😉 ) When I clean our home…I have my hair clamped up on top of my head…and when I ever pause to glance in a mirror…I have been known to have a dust bunny stuck in it.

I know that we ladies tend to complain a little about household chores, but I really do find it an honor…down deep inside.  I feel honored that I get to be the one that makes sure that the laundry is smelling good to put on precious little (and big) bodies.  So…even though sometimes it’s a little frustrating when I have all of the laundry done…and someone finds another pile stashed away somewhere…if they say “Laundry today please!”  I will try to oblige.  After all…..naked is only acceptable on some beaches.  😉

Have a marvelous day, Dirt Roaders.  Sniff some good smellin’ detergent for me.