Hey friends!  One more post before the new year.  I have been busy hangin’ out with my family and not having much of schedule.  It has been wonderful.  BUT….that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten you.  It’s funny, since I’ve started blogging, I am constantly seeing things here or there that I want to share.  That’s a good thing…right?  Right.  😉

This really is… just a little blog in its infancy.  Something that friends had suggested and that I never had taken seriously.  Then it just kind of fell into place and I gave it some prayer and here we are. I am looking forward to all that we can find to get into in 2013.  God is good…to work in our lives the way that He does. I can never thank Him enough.

So now that you know that I haven’t forgotten you, my sweet Dirt Roaders…I will tell you a bit of what has been swirling in my head.  Are you ready?

Clean closets

Clean pantries

Clean basements

Organized spaces

Moss and topiaries

House plants

New recipes

Junk…we must NOT forget the junk.

(I know that these things are not rocket science or really anything new…but if I can inspire you to enjoy the mundane on your stretch of the dirt road…I will.)

Am I inspiring you yet?  January just does this to me.  I’ve also been thinking on more chalkboards and also maybe adding a little more structure to this blog.  Maybe like on a certain day throwing a recipe out there for ya?  What do you think?  I would SO MUCh love to know and hear your comments.  I don’t want this little blog to just be about me.  I want it to be about US!  I would love to hear about things that YOU are interested in at the moment.

This is me...in January.

This is me…in January.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, Dirt Roaders.  Please be safe.  There is a whole new year out there waiting on us. i just wanted you to know today…that I haven’t forgotten you.