Someone very special to us, is having a birthday.  Well, it may not be the actual day…but we are celebrating the birth of this special person.  We are very thankful, along this stretch of the dirt road, for this birth.  On the 25th of December…we have cake at our house and we sing “Happy Birthday.”  It is my favorite tradition.


I will be taking a break from this little blog for a few days.  I’m going to have fun with my family, cherish them, and celebrate this birthday.  Never fear…Dirt Roaders, I will be back.  😉  I have new ideas…fresh ways to decorate for a new year and lots of fun things planned for us. I have some things to tell you about favorite blogs that I follow and wonderful places to order things for your farmhouse or cottage or teepee. (I couldn’t resist. 😉 )  Have I ever told you that I love the freshness of January?  I do.

I want to wish you the most blessed Christmas ever… filled with love, from our dirt road to yours.  May your days be merry and bright and may the Baby in the manger nestle way down deep in your heart.  After all…He did all of this….for you.