Okay…okay.  So now…none of you want a gift from me.  Just hang on and let me explain.  Yesterday, I spent the day running out to the garage (freezin’ my poor little self) and spraying layer after layer of chalkboard paint.  Have you noticed that chalkboards are all the rage right now?  (Do people still say “all the rage?”)  Well, if you haven’t dear one…they are.  Thus, gifts from the garage floor.  Several of our recipients are getting chalkboards this year.  I’m soooooo excited the give them. (Now the ones that read my blog will wonder if it’s them.) 🙂

It’s very easy to do.  I just pop the glass out and paint it, write on it, then I pop it back in.  No prob, Bob.  I usually do at least three layers of paint.  I use spray chalkboard paint.  It’s easy peasy.  I think that most people recommend that you wait to write on them for at least twenty-four hours.

So, those are my gifts from the garage floor.  It would make my little junkin’ heart happy to hear about gifts that you are making for your friends and family.  Personally…I love to give those the best.  It’s fun to have these special people in mind while you work on their gift.

I will leave you with a chalkboard that I made during the summer.  Lovity, love, love this frame.  (Thank you TJMaxx!) I will take pics of the chalkboards that I am making and share with you after Christmas.  I don’t want to spoil any surprises.


Ta-ta Dirt Roadies! Have a wonderful Kelli’s Fav Day!  😉


p.s. When I call you guys Dirt Roadies…my spell check suggests “toadies.”  I would never call you all “toadies.”  Maybe.  😉