As I sit here this morning, Mr. Henry…the rooster…is crowing his lungs out.  I wonder if he realizes how fortunate he is to be a chicken instead of a turkey?  Probably not but I am glad for him.  I like the guy.  He has spunk.  He has self-confidence.  He has twelve wives.  My.  He probably feels a little like Solomon of old.  Why am I talking about this?  I have no idea.  Maybe all of that turkey got to my brain somehow.  I hope so.  I’m thinking that I have read that turkey is full of serotonin.  The chemical that does good stuff in your brain.  Who doesn’t need good stuff in their brain? I need lots of good stuff in my brain.  Especially today.  The ladies from our church are coming for Bible study tonight.  We are not having turkey.  (btw:  Sweet MIL…your turkey was wonderful…along with all the rest of the food.)  Whew….that was a close one.  😉

So…I mentioned that my girls were coming over.  That being said…guess what I started doing on Thanksgiving night?  Yep.  I gathered up all of my precious little pumpkins and put them away.  Then I started the ol’ Christmas decor.  My husband helped do the heavy lifting.  What a man…what a man.  (He also reads my blog….xoxoxoxo!) I cannot wait to show you what we did with the mantle. I will save that for another day….soon…I promise.

I hope that you had a mahvalous Thankgiving…Dahling Dirt Roaders.  I’m going to leave you with a little “Christmas past” for today.  I promise to have “Christmas present” up and running…and share with you, the fun stuff that has been going on…soon.

Isn’t Christmas fun?