Hello my friends.  I have missed you!  I do have to say that I have had a wonderful few days off.  God is good…to give us times like these.  So…today…spices!  I love them.  Do you love them?  To me, they make things that are “ho-hum” suddenly become “oh…YUM!”.

Probably about a year or so ago my MIL and I were out hitting a few yard sales.  (That is what they call them in our neck of the woods.)  We went to this little sale that really didn’t have just tons of stuff.  Then I saw this heavenly light shining over these old spice jars.  They were whispering my name…and I was transported over to their table.  Okay…that didn’t really happen…but a true junker knows…that the thrill of finding “a find” can somehow make you feel this amazing, drug-induced like, feeling.  😉  Okay…I’m throwing in all of this drama FREE!  So…back to the little spice jars.  I think that they had some kind of gold lettering on them.  But in my mind….I could see their potential for this decade.  So…I nabbed them.

Okay…so now I get them home.  Do you ever do this and then think…”Why, oh why, did I buy these?”  I think that I did that very thing.  I think that they sat in their little wooden shelf for a while.  THEN…one day…I was looking on a website and I found these little labels that you could print off.  I then knew exactly how I was going to usher these little jars into the modern world of decor.  PLUS…the labels were turquoise!  How great is that?  It was awesome! If you are interested in them…check it out on the Martha Stewart site.  😉

Happy Monday, Dirt Roaders!

Give your spice jars a new life.