Ha..ha! Okay.  So the title was a tad on the cheeze-ola side.  I’m sorry.  Kinda.  😉  Seriously though…aren’t turnips pretty?  I think that they are lovely.  (Is that my word lately or what?) They are actually a great source of Vitamin C, they are purple and pretty and yummy and humble and very likable, if you like them.  Not everyone does. I have found this out over the years.  Some people think that they are grand.  Other people think that they are disgusting.  I think that they are delish.  I even put some in our chicken soup yesterday.

Whether you like turnips or not, I hope that you enjoy this picture.  Turnips are something that you might not find along the dirt road, but if you take a dirt road… it could lead you to some.

Happy Tuesday, Dirt Roaders. Now, throw some turnips in a pot with a little water, bacon grease and red pepper flakes.  Cook until tender.  YUM!