Happy Wednesday!  Are you ready to talk lighting again?  I am.  😉  I’m always game for that.

Here lately…um…I have been thinking toward Christmas decor.  I know…I know.  I am death on celebrating Thanksgiving first.  I’m still all about that, I just like to think toward the next season and have a plan.  That being said, I have been thinking about these lights that we have in our family room.  I love, love, love-ity, love them.  We purchased them a while after we built our house, replacing the basic lights that we had up. They used to have cream, pleated shades on them.  Last year, I stripped them down to naked bulbs and I love them that way.  One day I may purchase covers for the plastic bases, but for now they are fine.  (I did take the stickers off. ;))  I love the little ledges for decorating.  At this point in time I used berry garland.

I especially love these with the new family room color that we have now. It’s called Midwinter Sky.

I’m thinking on trying to find some kind of evergreen or something wintry to add next.  (Right now they are nakey-nake.)  Maybe something to leave up through the whole winter.  Something cozy.  I don’t know…when I see it…I will know.  That is the way that I roll.  I see the thing that I need and it jumps out and slaps me.  Then I know to take it home.  (Just so you know…that doesn’t really happen.  Just in my mind.) But when I find it, I will show it to you.  We can then jump up and down together.  We can be inspired and run around shouting it out to the world.  Okay, we won’t really do that.  Just in our minds.  😉

I hope that your day is wonderful, Dirt Roaders.  You deserve it.