Hi guys!  How’s the weather?  It’s rainy and cozy here.  LUFF THAT!  Rainy days…make me want to do projects and be crafty and rearrange the furniture.  How bout you?

This week I did something that I am famous known for.  I have already taken apart something that I decorated for fall…this year.  I am really bad to constantly be tweaking things in our home.  I cannot stop.  If it looks like too much…I start taking away.  If it looks like to little…I start adding.  Okay..whew!  Enough of that. 😉

I was at the grocery store the other day and I found these precious little gourds/squash/pumpkins.  I HAD to have them.  They are real.  I am a sucker for real pumpkins/squash/gourds.  (I’m sorry, people call them all different things even if it’s not the correct term.)  Sooooooooooo….I was cleaning out the hutch and what to my wondering eyes did appear?……….. These glass candle thingies that I bought forever ago!  I actually found them at a thrift store.  (Good eye Momma, good eye.) So…I decided to use two of them (there are three) to set my little gourds in.  There was a tad of room at the bottom…so I popped a little moss in there.  Fun…fun!

Happy Weekend, Dirt Road Peeps!  Enjoy…and fluff that nest a little!