Hi!  How is your Friday going so far?  Hopefully, wondermous.  😉  I just wanted to share with you something fun today.  Fridays should be fun, right?  I thought that you would think so.

My friend introduced me to something wonderful this year.  Where have these been all of my life?  Where have I been all of my life?  Where have I been while you all were already enjoying these wonderful things all of my life?  Okay…enough of that.  My friend introduced me to Putka pods.  These wonderful, little, tiny pumpkin-looking pods that actually come from India! (My sweet little son used to say “punkums” in case the title of today’s blog is bothering you. )  I have just fallen in luff with these tiny things.  I have them all over the place.  So simple…yet so sweet.  From what I have heard, they keep from year to year.  How fun.  Don’tcha think?  Hey…you are talking to the lady that freezes the Christmas candy that she decorates with, for the next year. 😉

I hope that you have a great weekend!  I hope that you find some Putka pods, Dirt Roaders!!!

I love all things “punkumy.”