One evening, after supper, I looked out the window and saw a momma cow and her calf.  We are blessed to live in the country and while our “farm” only consists of chickens, dogs and cats right now…we are surrounded by the livestock of our neighbors.  One day, good Lord willing, we will join their ranks and have our own.  Right now…we are enjoying the ones that we don’t have to take care of.  (Unless you count chasing strays back through the fence. ;))

Black Angus cattle have a special place in my heart.  My sweet grandparents had a little farm and that was their livestock of choice… as will be ours someday, I am sure.   Granddad’s gentle way with his cows amazed me.  He probably didn’t realize it, but it taught me a great respect for the creatures that God has blessed us with.  Especially the ones that aren’t just pets but actually help us, during our few turns on this earth.

There is something about farming that seems very honest and pure hearted to me.  Maybe it is because of the man who I followed through the pasture as a little girl. Maybe it was because the laughter that rang out, as I tried to catch the little calves, came from the depths of a kind and gentle soul.  Little did either of us realize, that there would come a day when I would be the responsible one… because Parkinson’s would enter the picture. I would never trade a minute of those times on the farm…nor a minute of our road trips…with me at the wheel.  I was his ticket to freedom during those years. (I was able to give back…just a smidge.)

I think that the momma cow in this picture is content with her calf.  I think that in the grand scheme of things, this is exactly how it should be.  I think that our relationships with others mold us, eternally.  I’m so thankful for my heritage. I am thankful that someone, very lovingly, took the time to teach me the love for the land and the things that live on it.

Happy Thursday, Dirt Roaders!  Don’t forget to treasure.

A momma and her baby.