The girls and I decided it was time to bake pumpkin pie.  (My husband kept dropping hints….that is his way.)  So we tried a new twist on an old favorite.  I have a “tried and true” recipe.  It’s and old, secret recipe. It’s actually the Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe…minus a tad of the spice.  We love it.  No pumpkin pie compares to this one.  (Isn’t that the way it goes with seasonal recipes?  You want what you were raised on?)

So, we used the same recipe.  We just made individual pies instead of one pie.  They were so pretty.  So classy.  At least they were…until we covered them in squirty whipped cream.  My family likes to do that.  They are not concerned with their food looking elegant.  They are not ashamed to cover things in dressing, whipped cream or squirty cheese at any given time.  Because they are my family…and I love them…if it makes them happy…I am happy.

We used my big muffin pan for these pies.  It made a beautiful, little,  deep dish pumpkin pie.  Mmmmm….it just tasted like fall.  Can things “taste” like fall?  I think so. 😉

Happy Tuesday, Dirt Roaders.  Bake some pie!