Lemon Chicken with Rosemary and Olives

Ooooookay.  Where on earth is she going with this?  😉  I just can’t resist any longer.  I cannot go one more post without shouting from the housetop, (okay…. the couch) all of the finer points to cooking in an iron skillet.  It has changed my life and our meals in such an amazing way!

Now…before we get started with that, I do have to tell you that I have never been a stranger to the iron skillet.  I grew up around them.  Matter of fact, when we got married I even owned one.  I was just a young, blushing bride with weak arms and so I got rid of mine.  Dumb.  Why oh why did I do this thing that I speak of?  Why am I being so dramatic about an iron skillet?  I will now tell you why….

My grandmothers have used them for years.  My mom has all shapes and sizes and uses them constantly.  Their food is amazing.  Their cornbread is second to none.  Their fried potatoes….award winning. (Well, not really, but you understand.)  Don’t get me wrong…there is a time and place and recipe that calls for non-stick but there are just some things that will never taste as good cooked in anything other than an iron skillet. Plus, if seasoned right, your iron skillet becomes “non-stick.”

If you don’t have one, the one thing that you are truly missing out on is the way that they heat.  It’s really an amazing difference. They heat very evenly.  I love that. I also love the fact that my MIL had one hiding under her cabinet…from their first days of marriage…and she GAVE it to moi!  So I am now the proud owner of three.  🙂  I know that you don’t have all day for me to go on and on about this but if I had to weed out my kitchen stuff…the iron skillets would be at the top of the “keeper” list.

Have a happy Saturday Dirt Roaders….and use that Cowboy Cookware!  (That is what I call it to the “Mister.”  He loves it… that I finally got smart and listened to my mom. )

I WANT to hear about your iron skillets!  Tell me what you love.  Tell me what you cook.  Tell me lots of hints, tricks and recipes!  😉