Thursday Musings

Blogging from my phone today. I need to go to the grocery store…so not a lot of time for photog and edits. I kinda love ALDI a lot…so it’s not a huge chore. Just a few Thursday musings for ya and a few iPhone shots.

Isn’t Thursday fun!? Most of you know that it’s my favorite and always has been. Strange…I know. Lol! I like to have all of my stuff done by Thursday, house cleaning etc., so I can enjoy. My dad was like that. Jump in and get your work done so you can party to the fullest. ;)

I have every intention of setting up a new craft area in the basement. Yes…my new sewing machine is still in the box. To my credit though…we have had a lot going on. Also, for this little project I am going to need the Mr.’s muscles…because a few things need moved. We also need to build a little goat barn. Hmmm….wonder which one will win out? ūüėČ

I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your Thursday!

Love from our dirt road to yours!


Until the Cows Come Home

Hey Guys! ¬†How are you? ¬†We are doing good! ¬†Things have slowed down just a bit…and that is always nice. ¬†I hope that Monday treated you good and that Tuesday did the very same. ¬†It’s almost time to put your jammies on now! ¬†I thought that I would share a bit of our cow decor today. ¬†Some of it…you have already seen. ¬†Some may be new. ¬†I actually saw a couple of black bulls that were salt and pepper shakers once. ¬†Why didn’t I pick those up?


Aren’t cows sweet? ¬†I try to add a bit here and there without going into the cowboy theme. ¬†A friend and I were visiting about that over the weekend. ¬†I am more of a farmhouse kind of gal…so I stick with that. ¬†I do appreciate other styles that are not my own though. ¬†Isn’t it fun that we are not all the same?


Our real cows are going to be calving soon.  That is sooooo exciting.  Fancy, Daisy, and MoonPie, will have little ones jumping around before long, Lord willing.  I have a sneaking suspicion that one of them will be named Rosie, if there is a heifer in the bunch. Our daughter likes that name. If they were all heifers, that will be great with us.  We shall see!  I will let you know!


I have been thinking about changing things up in our room. ¬†Since I robbed our dresser of it’s mirror…I really need to find something to replace it. ¬†The first time that I tried to look in the mirror, in there, was a shocker. ¬†lol! ¬†I will be on the hunt…I can assure you. ¬†I have always wanted a map desk in there too. ¬†Maybe someday I will run across one.




I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday evening.  I am trying to get back into the blogging groove.  Bear with me, Sweet Dirt Roaders.


Love from the Farmhouse,


p.s.  To my sweet friend Valerie:  Your card came at just the right time.  Thank you so very much.  Love you!!!



Hey guys! How are you? We are tired! Lol! We had a whirlwind weekend and now it’s time to get on track again. Monday is here and I’ve had my coffee. That is a good start.


I hope that your Monday is very nice to you!

Love from the dirt road,


Farmhouse Mantle Mirror

Yesterday we learned of my wild hairs.


I was totally going to do a real blog post with better shots…but cleaning my house and eating cheese puffs totally got in the way. So I will show you a snap that my adorable Mr. took. I will also let you in on a huge compliment that he gave me. It went something like this: “You probably could have just walked up here and hung the thing on the wall and it would have looked fine.” He meant without the level and drill. He might be right…but there would have been several “do over” holes lined up on top of each other. I like his way better. Thanks Mr.! I appreciate your brains and brawn.

I hope that you have a lovely Wednesday, Dirt Roaders! Time to vacuum!


Wild Hairs and Lots to Do




I got a wild hair this morning. ¬†I had actually spied a mantle like this on Pinterest. ¬†This idea had been bubbling in the back of my mind. ¬†I wanted to happen upon another mirror like this and not rob my dresser. ¬†Too late. ¬†I haven’t found one yet and our dresser is minus a mirror. ¬†Chalk it up to several rainy days and not much sunshine. ¬†The flip side to this is…I have lots to do…beside piddle around the house. ¬†Maybe I can create a fun balance with that today.


So…this is a little backwards, but how was everyone’s Columbus Day? ¬†Ours was a good, lazy, day. ¬†We all need those sometimes. ¬†A bit of time to refuel. ¬†I have been trying to deal with a little hay fever or something, so downtime was needed. ¬†Now I’m trying to get back in the groove. ¬†Laundry doesn’t care about hay fever. ¬†So rude. ;)


I hope that you have a lovely day, Dirt Roaders. ¬†I am going to sweet talk the Mr. tonight and see if he will help me hang the mirror on the wall. ¬†Maybe more about that tomorrow and some “professional” shots…instead of iPhone only.

Love from the Farmhouse,




It’s pouring here…of and on. ¬†Then we get drizzles and slow and steady rain for a while. ¬†It’s a good day for quiet contemplation. ¬†It’s a good day for coffee. ¬†It’s a good day for quiet time spent with Him. ¬†Of course, every day…is a good day for that.


From what I have heard…drizzles may be the extent of our weekend. ¬†I’m okay with that. ¬†Drizzles are good for family time spent in closer contact. ¬†Drizzles postpone chores outside…that could have overridden quality time spent inside. ¬†We try to have a good balance here at the Farmhouse. ¬†Sometimes we get it right, sometimes not. ¬†That is where grace comes in.


It has been pretty humid the last few days. ¬†I am hoping that the drizzles usher in a bit of cooler weather. ¬†I noticed that the leaves were changing yesterday. ¬†They were just showing a little bit of what glory is to come. ¬†So beautiful…even though I am a child of the summer. ¬†If it were summer all year, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much when it rolls around. ¬†Seasons are a blessing from God.


Yes, if you haven’t picked up on it by now, I am rambling. ¬†I am giving you a weather report and rambling. ¬†lol! ¬†Sometimes…you just have to relax and go with the flow. ¬†I am learning this…ever…so…slowly.


I hope that if it’s drizzling at your house…you are drizzling something yummy…into your cup of coffee. ¬† Have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Roaders and enjoy counting those blessings.


Jesus loves us!


Whip Up A Pumpkin

Yesterday…I got a wild hair. A friend on IG had posted a pumpkin that she made. I had made a wreath like this in the past…so why not a pumpkin?


It’s so easy! Just run a piece of garden twine through your rings, tie it tight and…ba bam! Tuck a piece of moss in the middle and tie a piece of ribbon around it! You have officially whipped up a pumpkin. Congratulations Dirt Roaders!!!


I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Tootsies and Tweetsies

Lately it has been my pleasure to feature local places on the blog. I love to support the folks in our community. My dad was the town locksmith for years…so our family realizes the triumph and trial of owning a business. Today I wanted to spotlight another “honey hole” that I love to visit. Tootsies and Tweetsies. They have a lovely store and tea room…which I have not tried yet…but need to.


My husband and I agree that the variety that they have is great. They have a mix of new and vintage. They have things for men and women. (Yes…I drug my husband along. He is a good sport when it comes to junking. I think he enjoys the hunt and my childlike excitement. Love him!)




I plan to buy local for Christmas this year…good Lord willing. I am also thinking on making some things to tuck in here or there. My Mr. bought a new sewing machine for me and I am excited to fire it up!

I am going to let the picture tell the rest of Tootsies and Tweetsies story. A wonderful little place. You don’t want to miss it!








Love from the dirt road,


p.s. That feed sack pillow with the chickens? Yeah…it attached itself to my hand. It lives here now. ;)

Here A Pumpkin…

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I have some craziness going on here at home today…so a little phone blogging for you…it is.

Yesterday, I purchased our first real pumpkin of the season. They are the sweetest part for me. I dug way down and found the wartiest one. I knew that the kids would approve. I’m sure that I was quite a sight, bottoms up, digging in that box at ALDI. Hey…for a tad over two bucks…who could blame me? (You can’t take me anywhere.) My MIL was doing her fair share of digging too. She came up for air with an adorably fat pumkin. It was fun. It doesn’t take much for us. Simple pleasures.

When we got home, our little son and I took it to the front porch. We sat it a couple of different places and then he suggested the pew. I think that our warty pumpkin looks right at home there. Kinda like us on the church pew. We are loved and adored by the Master…warts and all. He doesn’t mind our imperfect state…because He can see past the warts…to all the good stuff inside of us. Sometimes, when I catch a glimpse of the love of the Master…I could fall on my knees and weep. That beauty for ashes stuff…is near and dear to my heart.

I hope that you buy a pumpkin and enjoy it, Dirt Roaders!





Love from the Farmhouse,


The Scents of Autumn

I don’t think that I have ever shared this in the history of Along the Dirt Road. ¬†Are you ready? ¬†Brace yourself. ¬†I have a super-duper sniffer. ¬†It’s actually a family trait and it can drive me crazy at times, if something is offensive. ¬†Couple that with a pretty healthy gag reflex and you can be in a pickle before you know it. ¬†Why am I sharing this? ¬†I am sharing this with you…because it definitely has an upside! ¬†There are gazillions of wonderful things to smell in the world and the scents of autumn are some of them.


The olfactory glands house the sense of smell. ¬†They help pick up the scent of pumpkin bread baking in the oven, the scent of roasting pumpkin seeds and the fall scented wax in your warmer. ¬†Your sense of smell triggers memories in your brain at an amazing rate of speed. ¬†The smell of burning leaves may take you back to childhood. ¬†The smell of apple pie may take you straight to your grandma’s kitchen. ¬†It’s really amazing, the way that our body and mind work…hand in hand.


Isn’t it fun to walk through the door of your home and smell good things? ¬†I love all seasonal smells, but autumn is just so stinkin’ cozy. ¬†I actually just ordered some Cedarwood essential oil and it smells amazing in the difuser. Maybe not everyone is effected by smell…but it’s a huge part of our life around here. ¬†Surely not because Mom is always harping about smells. ¬†lol!


When I started writing this post, I thought back to chores this morning. ¬†I love the smell of cattle. Their sweet breath and the smell of their hide. ¬†Should I say it? ¬†Yes, I will. ¬†Even their poop isn’t all that bad compared to some of the other farm animals. ¬†Ha! ¬†I can see some of your faces! ¬†I adore the smell of a good leather handbag and a pair of boots too. ¬†(Don’t tell our steer!) ¬†I love the smell of feed and the smell of hay. ¬†It all takes me back. ¬†Back to the farm of my childhood. ¬†It takes me back to quality time spent tagging along behind one of the most gentle men on the face of the earth. ¬†I can even remember the smell of the inside of his pickup. ¬†I am extremely thankful for my sense of smell.


If you bake a pie today, or if you make pumpkin bread…take a minute to breathe deep. ¬†When you hug your husband, children, or loved ones…lean in a second and cherish the scent of them. ¬†I do that a lot. ¬†My sweet family is used to a sniffing wife and mom. ¬†I still remember the scent of my dad. ¬†I will treasure that always.


Dreaming of cinnamon, cloves, apples, pumpkins, and all scents autumn,



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