Soup Weather


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I have been making soup here at the Farmhouse.  I have made it two weeks in a row.  I can eat soup homemade, at the Chinese place, or out of a can.  I just enjoy it.

Soup is comforting.  When you have been sick or emotionally distraught…a big bowl of soup nourishes all of the above. Soup is like a warm hug.  

It’s not uncommon to hear the term “soup weather” in these parts.  Most of us don’t cook a huge stockpot of soup in the middle of our humid summers.  My soup making fires back up when school starts and a bit of briskness is in the air.  I love that!!!

Soup is just cozy…and feels a lot like home.

Love from the dirt road,


How Are You Perkin’?


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How are you perkin’ today friends?  Is it slow going?  Or are you blazing a trail…full speed ahead to Friday? I seem to be plodding a bit lately…but that is better than being totally still, I am told.  I have been drooling (not literally) over this beautiful collection of coffees this morning.  Due to some bladder issues over the past several months, I have had to give up my morning cup.  Never fear though, my friend Brenda and I have found a solution to our acidic problem and it is on it’s way to us in the mail.  Acid neutralized coffee.  Who knew?  Now we do.
Well…enough of that…are you guys perkin’ in the fall décor department?  I have had a few thing out for a while.  I may get a second wind and find a few more in a day or two.  I’m waiting about getting anything fresh for the porch.  It’s still pretty warm here…so real pumpkins would have to sit in the sun, on our porch, for quite a while.  Isn’t it so fun though?  I noticed that my husband’s aunt had her “shocks of fodder” out at their house.  That is cornstalks…for those that weren’t raised in the country…or around their grandparents. lol!  It looks so pretty and so “harvesty.”  Spell check loves that one.

I found that little “hello fall” sign at the Dollar Spot at Target.  Isn’t that fun?  I totally agree.  Oh…and in other news (random) I am getting excited about the new iPhone that is coming out tomorrow.  Lots of times now I shoot blog photos with my iPhone because I love the camera and it’s so easy.  The new one has an even better camera…and that makes the creative eye ball in me…twitch with happiness.  Hopefully it will be bug free…as the word on the street is always…”If you get the latest phone it will have bugs.”  Sheesh…spoil our fun whydon’tcha! Anyway…if you have a Target (back on track) go check out all of their fun stuff.  Or…if you are like us…drive and hour and a half…and eat lunch at a really good place while you are out of town. #countrylifeperks

Sometimes when I decorate for fall…I just throw a bunch of faux “punkims” in a basket and call it good. It makes me feel happy every time I walk by and see them.

The last little tidbit that I wanted to leave with you comes from the quote above.  If you aren’t perkin’ too steady, or too strong, or to fast, hang in there.  Sometimes our boats rock and pitch and make us feel sea sick.  The thing about that is…the Master is right there with us…and I read this morning that no weapon formed against us…shall prosper.  The Master is with us on these little side paths…but this is not our destination friends!  Hang in there…sunshine and a bubbling percolator…are just up ahead!

From my heart to yours,


To Be an Encourager


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To be an encourager.  What a delightful calling.  What a wonderful lot in life.


I knew an encourager once, that had a son that married a very young girl.  Then before long…a baby girl was born.  It was crazy and hard…and hard. The encourager didn’t let the circumstances keep him from his life’s work though.  He went to town and bought a bunch of dresses for the baby girl, his granddaughter.  He was a quiet man, but his acts of encouragement spoke volumes and still do, even though he is in Heaven now.


This encourager that I knew, continued to help his son’s family.  He would drop by with groceries…and sometimes those little, white, powdered sugar, donuts that they loved. To the little girl, he looked like a knight in shining armor.  He looked ten feet tall.


This same encourager was the type of man that would see a woman with several kids, and she might seem down on her luck, so he would slip them a bit of money.  You see, he grew up that way, with his momma and siblings.  He knew how it felt.


Would you believe that this man passed these traits onto his own son?  The son that started out so hard with his own little family, took on the very characteristics of the father.  The son became the type of man that made people believe that they could accomplish their dreams.  He would declare things in faith, that he believed others would become.  He also became the kind of man that would see others in need and share with them…because God had blessed him so very much. His heart grew so big….just like his father before him…that God used him in countless ways. I remember him telling stories of the ways that God had dealt with his heart to give to others…and tears would flow from his eyes, as he obeyed.


This is my heritage, Dirt Roaders.  That very thought is so humbling and almost to big for me to comprehend.  Life has not always been easy, but to share DNA with people that wanted to see others succeed makes me so grateful.  I want others to make it.  I want them to prosper.  I want their kids to prosper. I want to share what God blesses us with, by helping those in need.  Life is about so much more than what we can acquire ourselves.  There is so much more depth than that.  If I can just carry on that legacy and encourage those around me…I will feel that I am being used of God.

Pardon the powdered sugar on my fingertips,


I Smell Soup



Guys!!!!!! I’m back!  Please don’t be frowny at me. I have had lots of life going on.  You too?  There ya go.

The trees are starting to change here and it’s feeling a bit on the fall side…so I am making a big pot of chicken noodle soup today…hence the title of this post.

It has seemed very cozy today with that big Dutch oven bubbling away.  It has also seemed very exciting…because supper is already done.  I love that!

I hope that you are having a great middle of the week and that you smell soup bubbling at your house soon!

Love from the Farmhouse,


Coziness is Addicting


What is your favorite thing about home?  A few of mine are peace, relaxation, rest, and at the top of all of that…coziness. 

Maybe we embrace it with age.  I don’t know though…because our kids love coziness too.  When I was a kid..I would snuggle down into my…waterbed. Yes…it was the eighties and that was cool.  I actually slept in that bed until 1995.  

Anyway…we are big on piles of blankets, quilts, and afghans around here.  You know…coziness.

I’m thinking that coziness is addicting…how about you?

Love from the Dirt Road,


Coffee…oh how I love thee!



Piddling around a bit this morning…so I spruced up our little spot for coffee.

Isn’t coffee a good friend? Okay…not really a friend…but the very smell is comforting to me.  It reminds me of grandparents. It says all things…cozy.  Coffee…oh how I love thee.

I know that not everyone loves it…so maybe a little tea station instead?  Okay…a soda fountain on the counter.  Now there is an idea!  Lol!

Have a wonderful weekend Dirt Roaders!

Love from the Farmhouse!


Life in the Slow Lane


Does that sound like a dream?  Does it sound dreamy?  Are you like “Kel…what planet are you from?”  If you are a mom with lots of little ones running around…you might have just given a big ol’ eye roll.

Life in the slow lane doesn’t have to be a life of ease on the beach somewhere.  In the middle of this crazy, chaotic, sometimes really hard life, it is your choice to switch to the slow lane…or not.

People that drive in the fast lane all the time…are always on the defensive.  They don’t have time to gaze out the window…because they are always passing people. (We tease the Mr. and tell him that he thinks that lane belongs to him.) On the other hand…folks in the slow lane…are just enjoying the journey.  They are also enjoying their regulated blood pressure.

I know that life is busy.  Yesterday we had three church services to attend…and my husband ministered at two of them.  Before all of that…early in the morning…he got a cow in the squeeze chute and gave her shots.  (Ox in the ditch.) I’m not complaining or bragging…it’s all for  the Lord.  Even the cow…because ultimately she belongs to God.  I am just saying that we understand…busy.


Fast forward to after church last night.  Where could you find us?  We switched over to the slow lane.  We were at the Tropical Sno booth.  Why?  It was time to take a break.  It was time to slow down a bit.  This is a learned way of life.  It doesn’t usually come naturally.  It’s easier to stay busy and in turn wear ourselves thin.  Switching to the slow lane…is actually using wisdom. Did you know that Jesus totally approves of that?  He does.  


So…sweet one…that is burned out, tired out, cried out, whatever…take a little time for you today.  Be kind to yourself.  Ease over into the slow lane for a bit. Take a deep breath and let go…even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Heaven approves…and really…that is the main thing.


See you at the snow cone booth,


A Trip to the Feed Store


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Do you love to shop at the feed store? I haven’t been out much this summer, due to some health issues, but I went to our local feed store today.  I can always find something there.

Today…I walked away with two tee shirts, (All proceeds go to St. Jude.) a new Lodge grill pan, a super snazzy book about canning, and some Two Old Goats. (That is natural muscle rub. Won-der-ful.) lol…Usually I don’t make that big of a haul…but my birthday is nearing.  I was making the Mr.’s life a little easier. Oh yeah, cattle wormer…but that wasn’t for me.

If you haven’t guessed it…I would shop the feed store…before the mall.  That’s just me.  All while wearing Versace perfume.  No…they don’t sell that at the feed store…unfortunately.  ;)

I hope that your Thursday has been a good one.  Jesus loves us…Dirt Roaders! 

Now….after a trip to our Chiro…it’s time for Two Old Goats.

Love from the Farmhouse, 



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