Nineteen Years and New Life

The Mr. and I are celebrating nineteen years of wedded bliss today. Isn’t that exciting? I know! Wedded bliss is a deceitful term…because in the realm of marriage…bliss has a whole different meaning. Marriage is rough and real. It is wonderful and magical. It is spiritual and earthly. It is a union that takes both hanging on and letting go. Yes…bliss. You read it right. May we have 75 more to add to our 19! ūüėČ

(Babies, I tell you!)

In other news…we have had new life on the farm. This was our first calf born to the mamas that we bought in the fall. His name is Bud. We are thrilled. He is quite a handsome fellow.

I hope that you are enjoying the Christmas season…from your nose to your toes!

Love from the farmhouse,


Enjoying on Purpose

Does Christmas stress you out? For years it really threw me for a loop. I don’t think that I grumbled much about it…because that always made me feel guilty on the inside. You know…the Lord’s birthday celebration and all. Then at some point, it dawned “uponst” me…that I didn’t have to stress about it. It was my choice to actually enjoy the birthday celebration. I realized that the quiet moments of love given to Him, in my heart, meant more than the tinsel and being at all the parties on time. I realized that I could focus on the most important things, let go of the secondary things, and breathe. Today’s post is a bit of enjoying on purpose.

Our stockings are important to us. My dad used to fill my stocking and give me one little present, every day, until Christmas. Those Christmases in that little old house…are precious memories. Mom would always guess what he got her. It drove him crazy. Lol! In our own home…my husband loves to fill the stockings. He and I have one too. Why shouldn’t we get in on the fun!? The fact that the Mr. makes time to purchase these little gifts is not lost on me. Another thing to…enjoy on purpose.

This tiny wreath that hangs on the jelly cupboard…gives me pause. Such a simple little thing…yet I enjoy it immensely. In the hustle and bustle…my soul craves quiet. This tiny object symbolizes that. Crazy…I know.

We have been enjoying time in our family room, this holiday season. For the first time, in a long time, we only have one Christmas tree up. It’s so cozy in there at night, with the twinkly lights on. The kids usually have their homework going and just to be real with you…our faces are aglow with….our iPhones. Ha! I admitted it.

I hope that you have a wonderful day, Dirt Roaders. May you enjoy this season on purpose.

Love from the farmhouse,


Are We Still Trimming?

Hey friends! It’s Friday! Woo hoo! I am planning to throw a roast in the ol’ Crock Pot here in a few, and that will make things even happier. ūüėČ I do want to ask you though…are we still trimming? Are you guys like me and keep tweaking thinks all month long? I’m trying to stop that. Kinda.

Yesterday, while the Mr. and I were out and about, I found this adorable, vintage, peanut butter jar. Bonus? It was full of old, aluminum, cookie cutters! Won’t that be fun!?

I am excited to have most of the “trimming” complete, so that I can do more gift buying and wrapping. I love simple and meaningful gifts. They feel like giving a little part of home.

I’m also excited to make Christmas candy. It’s a bit of a tradition on both sides of our family. Just a bite or two though. (Right!)

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Roaders. If you are still trimming then I say….more power to ya! Enjoy the season at your own pace.

Love from the Farmhouse,



I think that my decor this year can be summed up in one word. Sprinkling. I have a bit of it…here and there.

Sprinkles are good. After all…they really spice up a plain glazed donut!

I am so excited to celebrate this season in the right way. I have grand dreams of creating little gifts with my new sewing machine. I can’t wait to make Christmas candy with my sweet ones. Most of all, I cannot wait until Christmas morning…when we sing Happy Birthday…to our sweet Jesus.

Isn’t this season fun!?

A sprinkle here and a sprinkle there.

A little sprinkle everywhere.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


A sprinkling of love from the Farmhouse,


Happy Thanksgiving to You!

Hey Dirt Roaders! Are you all prepped for the big day? We are counting our blessings here at the Farmhouse and I’m trying to abstain from the Christmas decor…a little while longer. It may be a losing battle. We are also wading through the one year anniversary of my dad reaching his ultimate goal. I know that this has been the best year (our time) of his life. Yes. Life. He is more alive now…than ever. Whew. Life is hard at times…but God is faithful. I am thankful.

On a lighter note…we are the proud owners of a new barstool. Big whoop…right? Well…our others come in a set of two and are pretty pricey. So…in true Along the Dirt Road fashion…we are mixing it up a bit. Target had these beauties and we love them. End of saga. p.s. It’s up for grabs if we replace the other two. What do you guys think?

I hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the blessings of God down deep in your heart. I love those moments…with people…when they are talking…and I am quietly soaking in the grace of God. He makes me thankful.

Love from our Thanksgiving table to yours.



Oh lands. It is cold in the Ozarks!

Are you guys staying nice and toasty?

I think these will help! ūüėČ I’m all about the flannel lately. It’s so cozy and cheery. Some trends I let pass. Flannel is an oldie but goodie.

I hope that your day is filled with warmth, Dirt Roaders. Warmth in your heart…and toes.

Love from the snowy dirt road,



Are you guys thinking on Christmas gifts yet? Just this morning I whipped up a little something. I think that it would be sweet to give little gifts of comfort and joy this season. How about you?

Don’t get me wrong…I am not about to skip Thanksgiving. I just have to think ahead to be able to breathe during the holidays. I was thinking about teacher’s gifts and a little stockpile in case we needed an extra gift.

After diligently searching Pinterest, this is what I came up with:

A hot/cold pack, made from vintage ticking and lavender scented flax. I think that it will be the perfect gift of comfort, from us at the Farmhouse.



Have a lovely Thursday!



Hey Dirt Roaders! ¬†I know, I know. ¬†My posts have been a bit spotty lately. ¬†I am so sorry. ¬†I have been living this life that I write about. ¬†So see…I have to take time off for fresh material. ¬†Did you buy that? ¬†Thanks. ;) ¬†Anyway, today I wanted to show you the replacement mirror that I found for the dresser. ¬†My sweet Mr. got it all fixed up for me. ¬†I love it. ¬†I love it better than the original.



We had a chiro appointment in a neighboring town on Thursday, so we picked my mom up on the way. ¬†After lunch we decided to drag my husband through a couple of little “honey holes.” ¬†I’m so glad that we did. ¬†We found this mirror in a little flea market.

I love it that this one is hanging on the wall.  It draws your eye up a bit more.  I also love the two silver trays that I found at the thrift store.  I left them tarnished because I knew that it would flow with the dark furniture.  You guys know how I am about decorating on a budget.  The trays seemed like an added bonus.


I hope that your week is starting out in a great way. ¬†May you be blessed this week, from the Father, from your nose….yep….to your toes. ;)


Love from the Farmhouse,


Adding a Little Play to the Work

Hey guys! ¬†How are you today? ¬†We are hanging in there. ¬†Last week I was M.I.A. in case you didn’t notice. ¬†It wasn’t really a planned week off…I just had a lot going on outside of our home. ¬†When that goes on…making sure that our home still runs smoothly, comes first. ¬†I’m sure that you understand that. ¬†Anyway, today, we are going to talk a little bit about adding a little play to our work. ¬†Making the tasks of everyday life enjoyable, is really possible.


When I start cleaning our home, more often than not, I start “piddling.” ¬†This means that I start moving things around and sort of fluffing the nest. ¬†Sometimes this approach will throw a cog in my cleaning, but most of the time it adds a little fun to my chore list. ¬†It’s also fun to light a good smelling candle or turn on the wax warming pot to kind of cheer me on.


You want to know another thing that encourages my work load? ¬†Sometimes I go ahead and fire something up in the Crock Pot on cleaning day. ¬†There is something about having supper already going while I complete my tasks…that it very encouraging. ¬†I. LOVE. MY. CROCK. POT. ¬†;)


Another thing that I do? ¬†I eat lunch. ¬†I know…this sounds crazy but I used to just keep working and nibble something here or there. ¬†Now I take an actual lunch break and enjoy. ¬†I’m sure that you all already do this…but for me it was a big thing. ¬†I usually have a bit of lunch and the company of the Food Network magazine. ¬†It’s a bit of time to give thanks, refuel, and relax.


I hope that you add a bit of play to your work today.  I know that I am going to.

Love from the dirt road,



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